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During our latest inventory count, we were so captivated once again by very many outstanding rugs that we have decided to share some of the exceptional ones with you each month as “The Rug of the Month.”


Here is this month’s pick:



4’ 6”  X  6’ 3”
























This is a fine example of an antique Turkmen Yomud tribal rug. It is probably woven by the Ersari tribe—an ethnic group that is renowned for developing its distinctive weaves and designs. The wool used in weaving this rug is renowned in the trade for its lustrous and hard-wearing properties. It comes from the famous indigenous breed of Karakul sheep in Ghazny province, the southeastern region of Turkmenistan. The carding and spinning of the wool is done by hand. The balls of wool are made into skeins which are then dyed by the weaver’s family.

The black-brown dye used in this rug has oxidizing properties, which is obvious through the erosion of the pile on the background. This erosion also gives us a clear indication of the antique vintage of this artwork—circa 1880s.


Turkman Yamoud (detail)

The diagonal rows of an octagonal single diamond-shaped motif in red, ivory, blue, and turquoise is repeated on the black-brown main field. A single stripe replicating the primary border in designs and colors divides the main field into two. The red primary border is decorated with repeated polygonal rosettes alternating in ivory and blue. The secondary inner and outer borders are decorated with the same reciprocating dog-teeth design in alternating ivory, red, and blue.


The two ends of the rug are decorated with repeated tree motifs with serrated leaves. The surprisingly random use of yellow leaves on one end; and, the repeated wine-glass single row bordering the “X” shapes on the other end further enhance the charm of this tribal yet elegant rug.


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