Angie’s List Review Date: April 21, 2016

I am an employee using my manager’s personal account for office tasks and projects that need to be completed. The man picking up showed up at his home address instead because of my error! I called and we sorted everything out (scheduling and phone numbers of where to be reached, etc.).
The man who I spoke with was apologetic about any bumps along the road and extremely genuine in his concerns. You can tell the employees care about their business and pride themselves on the attention they give to their customers; you seldom find this kindness and professionalism anywhere else. You can tell so much about a business in the way they handle any issues or confusions.
As for the rug, it looks brand new…a completely different rug even! It was not cleaned for some time and when they brought it back, we were eager to display it in our editing suite. Clients constantly compliment us on how beautiful the rug is. Thank you Hayko for livening up a black and white office with your gorgeous deep cleaning treatment that brings out the beauty, vibrancy, and details of our Persian rug!

Description of work:

Giving 5 stars for an incredible result and for how well Hayko handled any discrepancies and miscommunications.

  • Services Performed: Yes
  • Cost: $120
  • Work Completed Date:
  • Hire Again: Yes
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