Hayko: Fine Rugs & Tapestries

Antique Rug Services by a Master Craftsman!

“Fine rugs and tapestries are works of art; no two are alike. Each is as individual as a beautiful painting or sculpture. When you find the right one for you, it’s almost like falling in love.” Today, Hayko’s shop at 47-09 30th Street in Long Island City is easily the most welcoming place of its kind in New York – you can browse, ask any question, and get a lot of interesting information as you look around in an easy, stress-free environment. Hayko encourages you to come by for a homemade cup of coffee or tea and a look around his showroom.

Hayko’s work is on display in galleries and auction houses across the world, yet you cannot see it. That’s the point: top-quality restoration is invisible. Hayko Oltaci’s interest in carpets started at age 16 and what started as a hobby became a life-long passion. Since then he perfected his craft in Europe and the US before opening his own company. Visit his atelier - examine his restorations, see his private collection of carpets and kilims and enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee. Just don’t spill any, please.

Our Mission

With an innate cultural attraction to the art of rug weaving and well over 35 years of hands-on experience, Hayko’s mission is to provide the ultimate service to his customers in sales, repairs, and cleaning of fine Oriental rugs and European tapestries. Building long-term business relationships with our clients is the most important aspect of our mission.