Rug Restoration

Ancient Art of Weaving



Ancient Art of Weaving

Like all masterpieces, the work of master craftsman Hayk Oltaci speaks for itself. Hayko’s work is on display in galleries and auction houses across the world, yet you cannot see it. That’s the point: a top-quality restoration is invisible.

With more than 30 years experience gained in the carpet & tapestry ateliers of Istanbul, Strasbourg, Paris and New York, Hayko’s talent in restoring the finest rugs is unmatched.

At Hayko’s atelier, custom-mixed colors are used to dye individual yarns to the precise shade of the carpet, no matter how old or faded it may be. Imagine trying to match 300-year-old colors, fibers and patterns, so precisely that the repair work is completely undetectable!

That’s what Hayko’s artisans have been doing for over 20 years, for discerning customers in many countries. The work is delicate, and takes time and precision. A complex restoration on a single rug can take over a year.

When dealing with valuable and rare carpets, average work is not good enough. You can rely on Hayko’s staff of master craftspeople for impeccable restorations of the finest antique carpets.


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