3’5” x 7’2”

This antique Luri Bakhtiari rug was woven in the Luristan province of western Persia, circa 1910s. There are several characteristics that make this rug an exquisite piece of art. First of all, despite curvilinear floral design combinations of traditional Persian rugs, this rug is decorated with geometric patterns. Although Persian Heriz and Serapi rugs are considered geometric in patterns, those are apparently stylized floral designs, while the motifs in this rug appear to be strictly geometric and encompass many characteristics of Caucasian rugs.

Against this background, close examination reveals that the distinctive designs of this rug are derived from a creative combination of Persian and Caucasian motifs. For example, the two octagonal medallions on the abrashed-blue main field have the feel of Caucasian designs, yet the inside of each is decorated with Persian stylized-floral patterns. One of the two remaining medallions in the middle is inspired by Persian “Shah-Abbas pattern,” and the other by Caucasian diamond pattern. The rest of the main field is decorated with trees, flower plants, palmettes, rosettes, diamonds, and stars, all of which bear the combination of Persian and Caucasian elements.

Another appealing characteristic of this rug is that it has two equally-balanced primary borders instead of one; and, no secondary borders. Only thin barber-pole patterns surround the borders. The white ground of the outer border amplifies the rich colors and exquisite designs of the main field. In fact, it makes us realize that this Luri Bakhtiari rug is created through the rendition of the legendary Persian garden design with Caucasian artistic sensitivity.

This is an exceptional gem for anyone who appreciates the beauty and the value of antique Oriental rugs.

* * *

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