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Haki is an excellent and knowledgeable source for fine rugs.
I would use him again in a minute”

You couldn’t possibly ask for better work and a friendlier person. Sorry that the recommendation stops with 5 stars. I’d rather give 10.”

Hayak is a great businessman, friendly, extremely knowledgeable about textiles, and is will to give clients the best price he can. I have enjoyed all of my interactions with Hayak!”

He is an artist,extremely knowledgeable and respectable on his exceptional work.”

I met Hayko about 6 years ago, I took a course that he presents in learning the art of rug weaving. I don’t know of anywhere or anyone that puts on a course quite like Hayko does. He is a true Master of his craft. I own the Old World Rug Washing Company here on Long Island, and when one of my customers need any type of repairs or appraisals I go to Hayko. He does amazing work. When I pick up a peice that Hayko has repaired you can not tell where the repair was. A true Master!!~ Bert PresantSee More

I am an interior designer and have used Hayko´s services many times. Hayko is the consummate antique rug expert. It takes him only a quick look to tell you any rug´s origin, age, value and condition. When he see´s a gem, you see his face light up.
His expertise also is with restoration. Amazing, in a word. I have seen large holes in rugs that are restored to original state with no sign of the previous wear. This makes what Hayko does valuable because it extends the life of the rug for future generations and increases it´s value. The ultimate in green living!
With such a good eye, he has amassed a collection of fine investment pieces that are also for sale.See More

You have to look beneath the quiet demeanor to recognize how passionately Hayko feels about what he does and the culture from which he comes. He recognizes rugs as part of an older more congenial time when people would gather together on rugs and in the process of selecting rugs. When the rug, the dealer and the repairman worked to build with you, a lifelong relationship.

I strongly recommend that you let Hayko share his world with you!See More

Hayko is one of the world’s noted authorities in his field. He is a bit of Europe, of the Old World, of Constantinople right in New York City. We are lucky to have him. He is also an honest, kind, generous man who is a pleasure to know .
I lived on the floor above his store on Lexington Avenue and 65th Street for several years. I saw him on the stairs or in his shop almost every day. We talked about everything. I know his family. He is one of the people I most trust and admire.See More

Hayk is extraordinary at restoration of antique hand -made rugs. He has worked with me for several years and the caliber of his work is consistently of superior quality. Complete satisfaction from all clients of mine that have had Hayk work on their rugs. Would definitely recommend him with complete confidence.

Diane Martine
CEO Sutton Carpet LTD”

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