Hayko’s Custom Carpets “A Classic gets an Extension”

Hayko’s Custom Carpets

A Classic gets an Extension

Hayko Fine Rugs and Tapestries has built its reputation on deep know how of oriental rugs. As restorers, and cleaners, and dealers of fine oriental rugs the Hayko expertise is unsurpassed. Hayko also shares his talents with the world through his carpet-weaving workshops. Now a thoroughly modern addition extends the experience of oriental carpet weaving into the modern world through high-end handmade products that are customizable.

Hayko now offers contemporary custom rugs, bringing the skill and craftsmanship of oriental rug weaving ever closer to the customer, giving you the option to either completely custom design your carpets, or to select from a variety of existing classic and modern patterns with color changes to match the scheme of your interior. Through direct collaboration with a Nepalese manufacturing partner, these custom rugs are handcrafted in Nepal using traditional materials and techniques, to provide a completely comparable quality of carpet to your custom designs.


This modern extension allows you, as a designer or consumer the flexibility to creatively adapt traditional craftsmanship and integrate it with modern design that suits your need, and at the same time bring individuality to your pieces that was never before available unless you traveled to the source. Precedents do exist, such as the Ziegler Mahal, which was an oriental rug adapted to European tastes. Before 1880 the only exported carpets were mostly local manufacture, that just happened to be exported abroad, but the Ziegler company capitalized on the popularity of the design, but adapted it to the tastes of their clientele, and now they have become classics in their own right.

From now on, Hayko’s patrons have the opportunity to express their tastes and enjoy the outcome in a whole new way!

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